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November 07, 2007



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If ‘headship' is caused by sin, then why didn't Jesus shatter the myth of male headship by choosing women to be among the 12?

Dave Matthews

Someone linked to this page on their facebook. Here's my thoughts.

1 The issue of female pastors/elders, headship in marriage etc is an issue which can often raise people's blood pressure and get people angry. As a result it's difficult to be objective when addressing it.

2 There are godly, God fearing men and women on both sides of this argument. There are extremists on both sides for sure too.

3 I've noticed it's common when someone is arguing for either side that to make it sound like there is a clear consensus among the theologians, and those who theologians who disagree must be feminist/chauvanist (select the appropriate label depending on what side you're taking). Unfortunately this isn't the case. This has been and still is a complex issue with evidence on both sides.

4 Additional verses to look at are found in 1 Peter 3, Ephesians 5 and Colossians 3. Again there's much theological debate on these verses.

5 I think you want to be objective looking at the issue, look at the other side of the argument as well. See the details below as they provide comprehensive information and may at least quash some myths.

Read Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womenhood: John Piper and Wayne Gruden.

Council for Biblical Manhood and Womenhood http://www.cbmw.org/

Michael A Jones

With regard to your comment about HSBC. If you are advocating making 50% of positions in the bank to be for women, what about professions where there are more women than men training and working? For example now medical schools take more women than men, and what about nursing? If your principal is correct, then these professions must adjust and do all they can to make sure that 50% are men?

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